Class of ’88: Deschutes and Friends Year-Long Collaboration

John McClane drops Hans Gruber off the top of Nakatomi Plaza, U2 charmed our hearts and won a grammy, and gas was 91¢ a gallon.  The year is 1988, and America had just begun to feel good about itself again.  But more importantly to this blog, Craft Beer was very much in an infant stage […]

Colorado’s 10 Weirdest Beers of 2012

Ah, late-December.  That time of season for year-end reviews and Top Ten lists.  But while some beer-writers decided to go with a straight-forward Top Ten Beers list, I decided to take a stranger road.  A lesser traveled road of lesser-traveled beers, as it were.  Now, since I live in Denver, I could only get my […]

A Polite Rebuttal to the “Craft vs. Crafty” Press Release

So, if you follow any of your favorite local breweries on Twitter or Facebook, or you regularly check in on the Brewer’s Association (or their other page, you have no doubt heard by now that The Brewers Association has issued a press release (available in full here) calling out the macro-brewers for their veiled […]

Travel to another beer city in Brazil… Porto Alegre/RS

In October I went to Porto Alegre/RS, and I was invited to talk about my blog All Beers  in a beer program call Extra-Malt. Already in town, I decided to meet some  beer points and try some local craft beers.

Wynkoop to Celebrate 24 Years, Its Biggest Year Yet

2012 has been a helluva year for Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver.  Local nerds will know Wynkoop as Colorado’s first brewpub, co-founded by now-governor John Hickenlooper, and a place that makes, until recently, okay beer that won’t excite nor disappoint. At least, those were my feelings for much of 2010-2011.  For a place boasting “Colorado’s First”, it […]

You’re About to See More Gluten-Free Beers

In the U.S., GF foods have pulled in an estimated $2.6 billion across supermarkets and restaurants.  And even though only an estimated 1% of people have celiac–the digestive disorder that makes gluten a poison–craft brewers are clamoring to get a piece of the buckwheat-crust pie. Gluten is found in all the delicious grains commonly used to […]

GABF: The Undiscovered Country

GABF: The Undiscovered Country

The Great American Beer Festival is an event of intergalactic proportions. Visualize a science fiction or comic convention, teeming with hoards of costumed fans waiting in line to meet their idols, and then start pouring them beers. That is the sort of dedicated fandom, and community, that craft brewing has inspired over the past three […]

GABF: The Economic Impact

I think we can all say that we are, by now, fully recovered from another amazing Great American Beer Fest week.  I myself have had 4 beers since last Saturday, and doing great.  But you know who is really doing great?  The city of Denver. Because unlike the Olympics who comes into your city and […]

Craft Oktoberfests in Denver

It’s been a pretty big couple of weekends for beer drinkers.  Oktoberfest is back, the world-renowned festival of springtime, accordians, bratwurst, and märzens celebrated from sea to shining sea.  Much in line with the festival’s roots in 19th century Germany, it is a fest of the common man, German or not.  But after going to Denver’s […]

The Return of Tivoli: Historic Beer Re-Brewed After a 43 Year Hiatus

It really didn’t take long for Denver to become a beer town.  Incorporated in 1861, it got its first brewery 3 years earlier in 1859, founded by German entrepreneurs looking to quench the thirst of Rocky Mountain gold miners.  But it was 7 years later (and literally a block away) that a German-born man named Mortiz Sigi […]