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Loveland’s Beer Love

Imagine a modestly populated town in northern Colorado right on the I-25 corridor that had no craft breweries of it’s own.  Crazy, right?  Well as of 2010, that was the case of Loveland.  Then, not unlike the meteoric rise of Channing Tatum, FIVE* breweries have opened in the last 24 months that call Loveland, CO […]

I Puckered at Avery’s Sourfest 2012

Equipped with a belly full of breakfast burritos, a camera, and an iPod touch for note taking, I timidly entered Avery’s 3rd Annual Sourfest.  Sours and wild ales are a bit of a toss-up for me, either bringing the funk in the most delightful way possible, or being basically just fruity vinegar bombs.  I’m not […]

Odell’s Big Deal of a Small Batch Festival

I love small batch beers.  So much so that the quality (and quantity) of such one-offs and specialty brews is one of the defining ways I judge a brewery.  Sure, year-rounds and seasonals are nice, but the small batches are where brewers get to truly be themselves without worrying about marketability, sales, demand, or whatever.  […]

Denver Amusement Park Gets It’s Own Beer

Denver’s first themepark, Elitch Gardens, has teamed up with Denver’s first microbrewery, Wynkoop brewpub, for two specialty beers that will only be available at the park’s Blue Moon Beer Garden during this season. “We put a lot of thought into these beers with the Elitch team,” said Andy Brown, Wynkoop’s head brewer. “Our collective goal […]

Avengers Assemble!

Besides being a huge craft beer geek, I love comics. Marvel in particular, and the more recent multi-character story arcs especially. “House of M”, “Civil War”, “Secret Invasion”? Brilliant pieces of literature in their own rights. So needless to say, I’m nerding out pretty hard about the new Avengers movie, which is purportedly awesome as […]

Beer Money: How Colorado’s Craft Brewing Industry Impacts the State Economy

$5 pints and $12 bombers add up; the craft brewing industry in Colorado provides an annual $446 million boost to the state’s economy, according to data compiled in a study released this week by the University of Colorado in Boulder Business Research Division, for the Colorado Brewers Guild (CBG). As of March 2012, Colorado had 139 licensed craft […]

Denver’s Newest Brewery Has Already Been Here for 4 Years

That title needs a little bit of an explanation.  I’m talking about Vine Street Pub & Brewery, the youngest member of the Mountain Sun family of brewpubs– located at 17th and Vine in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood.  And though they were established 4 years ago this weekend (4/20/2008…obviously), they didn’t have the equipment (or the government’s […]

Homer Simpson Delight: Pairing Donuts and Beer

No matter who you are, even if you have only the most base, entry-level understanding of American pop-culture, you know this to be true: Homer Simpson has a passionate love for beer and donuts.  Serious fans may even remember a moment when Homer drank a cold one while lounging inside a giant metal donut. Pairing […]

Avery’s Strong Ale Fest: Geeky Madness at 8% or Higher

Avery Brewing Company knows how to do 2 things really well: make outstanding brew, and throw a helluva party. It’s fairly easy to bump a “good” party into a “helluva” party when you have 119 beers at or above 8% ABV (with 5 more coming in at just under that, for a total of 124 beers). […]

Adventures in Oskar Blues Hot Sauces

Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, CO makes outstanding craft beer in a can. A few years back, they teamed up with Danny Cash Hot Sauces to make some beer-infused hot sauces (available at the brewery or online here).  Being the beer nerd I am, of course I picked up one of each when I visited […]